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Detox Face Mask - Skin Clearing Clay Mask


The Detox Face Mask for super clean skin and smaller pores.

A good detoxifying face mask is a vital component in any skincare routine. Cleansing alone doesn't always clean your skin well enough. Dirt, oil, makeup and toxins embed themselves deep within your pores and can often be too stubborn to remove with a simple wash. This leaves your skin vulnerable to breakouts, blockages and infections. Your face is covered in thousands of pores and they don't always work as efficiently at clearing themselves as we would like. Large pores are a sign of congestion, in order to reduce the size of your pores you need to make sure they are clean and clear of any debris.

Our Detox Face Mask is a 100% natural dry clay formula made up of white kaolin clay, bentonite clay, olive green Australian clay, ghassoul clay, activated coconut charcoal, seaweed, white willow bark olive leaf extract.

The ingredients are simple but wonderfully effective at going deep into your pores and drawing out toxins and impurities. This mask is especially beneficial for those with acne, blackheads, whiteheads and excessive oil.

One application of this mask, and you will be hooked. Your skin will feel amazingly soft and smooth, your pores tightened, and you will notice how clean your skin really can be. Let the healing begin!

Approx. 20 applications.


White Kaolin Clay, Bentonite Clay, Olive Green Australian Clay, Ghassoul Clay, Activated Coconut Charcoal, Seaweed Powder, White Willow Bark Extract, Olive Leaf Extract.



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