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Coffee Scrub with Grapefruit Oil


A 100% natural coffee and sugar scrub is an all natural face and body exfoliator, made with granulated coffee and sugar cane to really exfoliate, virgin coconut oil to moisturise and nourish, and grapefruit essential oil to invigorate the senses. The aroma will have you jumping out of bed in the morning excited to dive into the shower.


We all cleanse and moisturise our skin, but over time and as we get older, you may notice your skin is not looking as smooth, soft and glowy as it use to. This is because your top layer of skin isn't exactly on top anymore, its hidden under a layer of dead skin cells. No matter how much you moisturise, your oils or lotions have to find there way down to that top layer through all those nasty cells. A scrub will polish away that dead skin, revealing that nice subtle top layer of skin, and finally it will get all the moisture that it needed.


Scrubs are also a great way to polish away scars and stretch marks, and skin conditions like psoriasis, eczema and even acne.


Granulated Coffee, Sugar Cane, Rice Bran Oil, Virgin Coconut Oil, Grapefruit Essential Oil.

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